The Jeepneys in the Philippines

The month of July is almost ending. August comes next and then the BER months. I can't imagine how time passes-by so quickly. I am also getting another year older next month. Anyway, anybody who is looking for car parts out there or maybe some sort of ford accessories? This question just came out of my mind because I remember my almost three months vacation in the from November 2009 to February 2010. I can't imagine that it is almost six months now since I visited my home country.

Did you also see the picture I have here? I believed yes! This was taken in Cebu, Philippines. This location is very near to the South Terminal where we always go everytime we go home to the South. You can also see some jeepneys in the image here. And yes, we call these jeepneys in our country. These are the common transportation especially in the big cities like Manila, Makati, Cebu and some other more. I remember sometimes when the jeepney we were riding broke down and we had to transfer to the other one. That is not so bad because you can stop any jeepney anytime on the road.

Lastly, for those who are looking for car parts and accessories, you might want to browse I just visited their site last night and found varieties of automotive products and accessories both for your interior and exterior car needs. I guess that's all what I can share tonight. I am quite sleepy now. Goodnight folks!

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Ryan said...

Happy birthday next month, how time flies when you are having fun.