The Freedom Park in Malabuyoc, Cebu, Philippines

What a busy day again today. I did some grocery shopping almost the whole day and worked in our garden until 8:30 PM. I never had a boring day because I always find time to do a lot of things both offline and online. I am sharing this image I took at the Freedom Park in Malabuyoc, Cebu Province in the Philippines. This was taken during my vacation this year. I love the view in this place.

How to go there? Per request of a fellow Cebuana named "Laagan na Cebuana"..You can take the Ceres bus liner going to the south of Cebu. Just tell the driver that you want to stop in Malabuyoc. From the main street, the coastal area is just some meters away. It is maybe around three to four hours ride with this bus.

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laagan na cebuana said...

Hello. I'm planning to visit Malabuyoc next week but can't find detailed information on how to get there or things that I should check out.If you can provide me your tips and suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it..thanks

laagan na cebuana said...

I would greatly appreciate if you can provide suggestions and tips on how to get there in Malabuyoc. Thanks