Some Ads Flyers

One day as I was taking my tea ceremony, I was also reading some catalogue and some advertisement flyers. I don't know what came to my mind that I also took some images from it. I am also sharing a picture I took last week from one of those weekly ads. I am temporarily sign-off off now to slowly prepare for dinner before HB comes home. Have a great week to all!
Feel free to visit and join these wonderful memes; Mellow yellow, Ruby Tuesday, and Wordless Wednesday. Thanks to the Authors of these sites for sharing these memes to the blogosphere.


EJ said...


Hard Work Ruby

Kim, USA said...

Well, it's yellow!! Happy Monday!


Lynda Howells said...

Happy ruby Tuesday! lyndax

Snooze said...

Lots of ruby redness ... I hope they're good prices.

My Ruby Redness

MaR said...

I see some red!!

My Ruby Tuesday

Marice said...

those are great deals :)

u may view mine too here