Not Leaving Due to Bunny

I called a friend last Sunday to greet her during Mother's Day. Sad to say, they were out for dinner. I called again yesterday and was able to talk to her. I also asked her some things. I thought they are leaving Germany soon and will be stationed to different country but it won't push through. You know the reason why? It is because they don't want to leave their bunny. I don't exactly know the reason why they can't bring the bunny with them. I bothered not to ask anyway.

I remembered last year as a friend gave that cute little bunny to them. Her children were so happy about it. I even accompanied her looking for bunny hutches in the nearby town. She cannot find what she wanted because there is only a little selection of it. I think she needs to browse online to find more selections of these stuffs. I saw different styles and sizes of animal hutches and cage at Just Rabbit Hutches. I believed their prices are very competitive.

To all animal and pet lovers, if you are looking for quality and durable rabbit or bunny hutches and cages, feel free to browse this site. You can also call them or send them an email for any questions or information you want to know on their products and services. I wish I can have dogs at home here in Europe but we don't really have a place for them. In the Philippines, we have six dogs now. Look at the cute puppies we have in the Philippines.

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