Hubby is Confused What To Wear

We went to my hubby's brother- in- law this afternoon to pick-up my car. I finally had a new windshield in it after waiting for some months to have it replaced. We stayed there for almost an hour because hubby was still having a communication with his twin sister. They are talking about the burial of their relative tomorrow who died due to cancer. Hubby also got the information about the place of the burial so that we can use our navigator to guide us where the place of the burial is. As we got home tonight, hubby was discussing with me what to wear in the burial. He said that he need to wear something formal and he also need to wear a necktie. It is quite new to me because in my home country, we can wear whatever we want to attend a burial. I mean something that is not really formal. As he was looking for some of his formal clothes, he found out that a lot of it won't fit to him anymore. I guess, it is time for him to buy new ones. He even told me that his twin sister bought new formal clothes only for this burial. I smiled as hubby was telling it to me. I would suggest to hubby to buy cargo elastic waist pants so that it is always flexible.

I guess shopping for new clothes and everything is not impossible at this time. We can shop online at the comfort of our home. There are a lot of online shops to choose from. I stumbled awhile ago at Blair, an online shopping store where you can buy anything you want from men's to women's clothing, jewelry, home accessories and a lot more. This is one of the shops online where you can simply buy the things you want. I found a very interesting item in their clearance sale. Since Father's Day is almost approaching, I would love to give something special to my husband. I would love to know if they ship items in Europe or else I might let my sister in the U.S. to buy it for me. I can't stay too long tonight. I still need to wake-up early tomorrow to attend the burial. Goodnight folks! happy shopping online!

p.s. The image here is one of the blouses I shopped last time. I love its color.

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In Brazil, we wear Sweden, too.
nice day, dear