Friend Will Be Moving Again

I have already met a lot of friends who are married to military personnel and American soldiers. We live near the U.S. base and this is where I met most of those friends. They are the so-called nomadic people who always need the help of movers everytime they move anywhere where there is a military base. Last month, I received a call from a friend in the U.S. telling me that they will be moving again to Korea. Since she is married to an American soldier, I believed she already know the life being married to a soldier and she have to understand the life of being nomadic. I guess moving is not too bad for them. The U.S. Army hires a local mover when they are assigned anywhere locally. It is also not so bad for them to move anywhere because the U.S. army is paying for all moving expenses. I even heard that when they are assigned to any U.S. Bases, everything is free from house rental to electric bills plus they also received COLA or the cost of living allowance. Correct me when I am wrong but that's what most of my friends told me. They are even happy to be assigned outside of the U.S. because they don't need to pay for such things.

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