Sleepless Nights in Deutschland

Here I am still wide awake and sitting in front of my computer writing this post. I can't remember how many years do I have a problem with sleeplessness. Is it this thing called Insomnia? I know I am a night owl, an insomniac who can stay for long hours at night. That is also the reason why I am still here. Unless when I am very tired, I can go to sleep very early. The other night, I read about this natural cure for Insomnia called melatonin. I also read that products which contain melatonin has been available in the United States as dietary supplement. In other words, since it is considered as a diet supplement, Americans can buy it over the counter without any prescription. Right folks? I am not sure now if this is the same supplement that my sister's hubby is taking.

It is said that melatonin helps individual with sleeping disorders. It is also a natural sleep aide and at the same time anti-aging hormone for the body. According to the research I made online, melatonin is a natural compound found in animals, plants, and microbes. This is quite interesting.
My other question is; Is melatonin an over-the- counter diet supplement in Germany? If melatonin will truly help me in my problem called "Sleepless Nights in Deutschland", I might consider taking it. Before I do that, I believed I need to consult first my doctor for proper medical advice. I just found that we can buy melatonin online through Vitasunn.

Morning has broken again! I wish you all a wonderful start of April!

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Happy April to you!