I Love Bromeliads!

One of the flowers that I love most are the Bromeliads. Bromeliaceae (the bromeliads) is a family of monocot flowering plants of around 3,170 species native mainly to the tropical Americas, with a few species found in the American subtropics and one in tropical west Africa, Pitcairnia feliciana. Pineapple or ananas for example also belong to this family of plants.

I grow thousands of these plants before in my garden in the Philippines. Here is one kind of Bromeliads. I took this picture in the garden center last month.

Bromeliads are a varied group of organisms, adapted to a number of climates. Foliage take different shapes, from needle thin to broad and flat, symmetrical to irregular, spiky and soft. The foliage, which usually grows in a rosette, is the most widely patterned and colored of any plant in the world. Leaf colors range from maroon, through shades of green, to gold. Varieties may have leaves with red, yellow, white and cream variegations. Others may be spotted with purple, red, or cream, while others have different colors on the tops and bottoms of the leaves.

The inflorescence produced by bromeliads are also regarded as considerably more diverse than any other plant family. Some flower spikes may reach 10 meters tall while others only measure 2–3 mm across. Upright stalks may be branched or simple with spikes retaining their color from two weeks up to twelve months, depending on species. In some species the flower remains unseen, growing deep in the base of the plants. wikipedia

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Those are gorgeous!

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They're lovely and so exotic looking. Thank you for sharing.

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Very beautiful !

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Beautiful, rich colours in these plants!