Home Sweet Home Philippines

I can only smile if some of my friends and former colleagues are telling me that I am rich. I might be rich but not in material possession. I consider myself rich in terms of family and friends. I am also happy that I had achieved some things in life. This is my home sweet home in the Philippines. This is one of the greatest achievements I made in my life, giving my family especially my parents a place called home. They love this place and I love it too. I hope and pray that before we go and retire in this little paradise of ours, it is all done already. Nobody can believed that in this place where you see water and stones before, stood already a house that we call our own. This is the product of religious savings during the time that I was still working. Thanks God for all the blessings! Special thanks also to my dear hubby who has been a very good, loving and supportive husband all the time. I have nothing to ask more.
My home Sweet home in Cebu province, Philippines. A little paradise that we call home!

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Charlene Amsden said...

It is a beautiful home and a just reward for all the hard work of saving money.