Happily Watching The Sky

I felt very good as I saw the sun shining this morning. I took my morning ceremony drinking a cup of tea and a toast bread with white cheese. After that, I started cleaning the house. I cooked fish fillet for lunch because today is Good Friday and HB said that we have to don't need to eat pork meat. I am quite happy after accomplishing small things. Now I ma ready to share my sky around the world. This was taken near Parsberg while passing by in the autobahn or highway last weekend.
Feel free to visit and join these wonderful memes; Skywatch Friday,Looking at The Sky Friday, Scenic Sunday and Wordless Wednesday. Thanks to the Authors of these sites for hosting and sharing these memes to the blogosphere.


Laura said...

beautiful sky and promise of a lovely day.

Anonymous said...

Nice sunny sky. I'm always taking pictures out the front of the car, too.