Chaos in the House

I finally have the chance to sit down in front of my pc now. I mean in HB's PC. I have moving things and computers today and the house is presently in chaos. My old computer is now in our bedroom. I am using my husband's HP Pavilion right now in my computer room. This is also my small library because I have all my books and other stuffs in this small room. I had a problem before with installing HB's laptop but now it finally work. I also need to do a general cleaning in the house especially in our bedroom. I should normally work in our garden today because it was sunny outside. With all the arranging and moving stuffs, a day is not enough. I hope I can do it all this week. Happy Monday!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Monday Rubz! My house is a chaos as well. I better stop blogging now and do something in the house.