Better Late Than Never for my WW memes

Good day everyone! What a beautiful day we have today. It is around 26 degrees centigrade outside with a little breeze which make the weather a wonderful one to work in the garden. I would like to apologize for being late in posting for my WW memes. I just had a very busy day yesterday. This is always the time that I am very busy because I spent some hours in the garden and the household chore plus other stuffs that keeps me busy everyday. It seems that I am enjoying it.

I am sharing now some pictures from my home country Philippines. This taken in our in Cebu Province. I miss this lovely scene that I always witness everyday especially when I stay on our terrace.

Everyday the sunset is always different. For me the sky, sea and sunset made this perfect scenery. I hope to spend another vacation here next year. This is a place I can truly call my home!
Our garden and that is the terrace you can see at the side of our house. As I went home last year from Nov. to Feb. 2010, I made some project at the house which is building another terrace facing the sea. HB was happy with the outcome.

For more images of these memes, feel free to visit and join Watery, Wordless, Wordful and Outdoor Wednesday. Thanks to the Authors of these sites for hosting these wonderful memes. Happy WW day!


Anonymous said...

I love nature photos and these are enchanting!

Lamielle here! said...

Na miss ko yung beach satin ng makita ko ang pictures mo Sis..hehehe

Viola said...

Oh my....!! What wonderful photos you come up with!! =) I had to sit some time to watch the beautiful garden in your home country! And the wonderful view to the sea!! Wow!! I can see the lovely plants on the balcony and one person enjoying some refreshments.. Very beautiful! How wonderful it must be to sit there! :)