Watching Sunset at Manila Bay, Philippines

I finally had the chance to witnessed the sunset at Manila Bay in the Philippines last January 2010. I had a stroll there with my brother and he was the one who took this image below. I was trying to find a better picture but I still have to resize the image taken by my camera. It was such a wonderful experience watching nature like this. I love it!
Wordless Wednesday

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Jim said...

A spectacular scene.
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Snooze said...

a sunset is a wonderful thing

Lina Gustina said...

What a lovely and peaceful view...


The Pope said...

The site of Manila sunset at dawn is has been greatly admired by tourists, and as we stare at its beauty it draws our soul closer to its Creator.

God bless you.

Hootin' Anni said...


My Wednesday photo is a BROWN PELICAN at the marina [I also have another photo, by link, of the same pelican that is much better...a close up on my photo blog].


Hope your Wednesday is treating you well.

Marice said...

such a dramatic scene!

u may view mine here