Still Learning WP and Best Web Hosting Reviews

Imagine this is my #1126 post here! I can't believed that I am part of the blogosphere for some years now. I am happy to share my thoughts, ideas and personal experiences to the world for free. As you can see most of my blogs are hosted in blogger. It's been a long time that I also want to update my blog in Wordpress but I am not a WP expert. I am even thinking to buy some domains for another 3 blogs that I am planning to create. I am just thinking of some problems on Wordpress Installation. I am not really an expert about it. I mean if I want to buy a domain in a web hosting site how can I install it to my WP blog? This is only one of the questions that came to my mind.

I am thankful that I found some tips, articles and information about this at I found out that they also provide web hosting reviews, ratings, coupon codes, news and other information regarding web hosting. For now, I am still learning on Wordpress platform. I hope I can learn more about it because I am planning to host these 3 other blogs in WP. I am hoping this month I can already make those blogs. If you want to learn more about best web hosting reviews and web hosting as a whole, feel free to visit Being part of the blogosphere is an exciting experience! Thanks to all friends who made my blogging experience a better one.

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