Wanted Lotto Winner in Germany

I read it somewhere in the newspaper and internet that there is still a lotto winner here in Germany particularly in the state of Bavaria to claim his winnings. I guess he won around 2.5 Million Euros. That is a lot of money! How I wish I am the winner! I am not sure now if he already claim his money. I am trying my luck sometimes by playing lottery. I already won twice but just enough to play again. Below is a picture where I play lottery sometimes. I passed this shop this afternoon after I went grocery shopping but they are closed. Hopefully tomorrow, I will come back there again. Wish me luck..wink!!
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Lamielle here! said...

HOw I wish manalo din ako Sis...both of us pala..hehehehe

dodong flores 도동 플로오리스 said...

How I wish makadaog ko sa Lotto. Pero wala pa man gyud sukad :D