These Cool Photo Effects

Good afternoon! I guess I am too busy browsing online right now that I stumbled in this very interesting site. I don't know what to do first but later on I already had some fun. Do you want to try to create photo funny? I uploaded some pictures of my niece and nephew and I love the effects. You can also browse the collection of their thousands of funny pictures in their site. It was a very funny photo especially the one I uploaded from my nephew. I mean his make-up made by my sister made it more funny.

The two pictures from my niece are also very cute. I love especially the last picture here where she was in the book. I guess this site will on my bookmark page. This photo funny is a lot of excitement and you can easily upload pictures from your picture files. In just one minute, you are done! Amazing! It is truly an EVERY DAY PHOTO EFFECT from this site! Are you bored today and want to have some fun? Visit! Have fun viewing my pictures here! Have a lovely weekend too!
Funny Pictures
My cute little niece from the Philippines taken at Jollibee
Funny Pictures

My nephew Ading had a very funny make-up made by my sister...You look funny Ding!

Funny Pictures
I love the photo effect here of my niece! She is so cute!

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