What Happened to my Friday the 13th?

I guess everybody knows that today is Friday the 13th. I remember when I was a little kid of some heresies and stories that Friday the 13th is a bad or unlucky day. It also reminds me of horrible stories like ghost, vampires, etc. Now that I am old enough to understand and know about it, I don't believed that Friday the 13th is really a bad one. I just have some frustrating experiences today. Sit back and relax! here they are!

First, I received a bill that was incorrectly calculated. I told the company to send me the right bill so that I can transfer the payment thru bank to bank before I go home for vacation. Second, I received a call from the travel agency where I bought my plane ticket to the Philippines that I need a visa to go out from Doha Airport to meet my friends and have dinner outside the airport for an hour or two. I have more than five hours waiting time in Doha for my connecting flight to the Philippines so I decided to meet some friends there.

Third, I clarify a friend about certain matters. This reminded me again of the saying, "Trusting is good but controlling is better". Last and the most frustrating and worst experience I had again about online shopping here in Germany. I mentioned in my WWW Addict site that I ordered a Fuji Finepix S2000 super zoom camera but there are articles that are missing in my order. I already wrote an email to about the missing articles last Wednesday but I only get and automated reply.

I called today their Kundenbetreuung or customer service hotline but what I got is just a very unfriendly customer service agent. It burst me out to anger as I heard his unfriendly voice. This is sometimes my problems regarding German customer service. Not really all but most of the time. What also frustrates me is that the guy whom I was speaking today cannot give me any alternative to ease my frustration. I mean I already wrote and email last Wednesday to their customer service email address but i still did not receive a concrete answer until now of what is the status of the missing articles. The bad thing is I also called their hotline but I was also not given an answer or any alternative to ease my frustration.

I already received the camera last Wednesday but some accessories included like battery charger and rechargeable batteries were missing. I decided to return the camera this coming Monday. I guess it is time for me to write about the bad shopping experiences I had in Germany. More updates to come in my Travel and Explore site. I guess this fuji finepix s2000 camera is a good one but I decided now to buy a lens camera which is really one of my wishes. This is sometimes my way of relieving my frustration, to have a better product. It might be in a higher price but in a good quality. I just saw a Canon lens camera in another site that cost around 600.00 Euros. I guess I am done with my shopping rants. Now I can smile again...cheers!

Good evening everyone! I hope you don't have an unlucky day on Friday the 13th. Have a great weekend! I can't wait to go home for a long vacation back home! That's why I need a good camera to take good photos from those blue skies and beaches!

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