Time To Set Up MY Career Plan

I received an email that I did not expected last Friday. Actually this guy is my former colleague at the bank where I worked before back in my home country. I never heard from him since I left Philippines. I haven't seen him for almost eight years now. He had my email address and he told me today that he just wanted to try if my old email still exist. I responded to his email last Friday and today he replied back. Yes, we also chat this afternoon. He said that his job is so extreme from our job before being bankers. He is working now as Senior Carer in England. I am happy for him. He also mentioned that he is currently attending school to gain more qualifications. He even gave me some career advice. I told him that I will go home first to our home country this month and then I will decide if I will also go back to school here in Europe.

Sometimes I am really confuse of what to take up if ever I am going back to school. I have interest about computers and IT, health and medical field and of course my profession before as banker. The problem is, my degree and work experience is not recognized here in Europe. That is the reason why I want to go back to school again to find a job in the future. Just tonight, I visited a site authored by Harrison Barnes. I truly found his site very interesting and informative especially for a job seeker like me. He is a very credible person after I read about him in his blogsite. His achievements and expertise is one of a kind. Imagine an asphalt worker who turned lawyer and a very successful CEO now.

What also interest me are those advices he had written in his site especially about careers and success. One of the best thing I found in his site is his founding of This site provide job search for individuals who are currently looking for a job opportunity. This is the first time I found a job site who don't only offer list of job opportunities but career advice as well.

The articles written at blog are truly inspiring especially for me who have already lose hope in searching for a job. Thanks to Harrison Barnes and his career advice for opening my eyes to the job market again. I hope that next year will be a better year for me and for anybody who is looking for a good job. I believed, it is time to set up my career plans.

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