WW- Happy To See Home Thru a Photo

Good evening everyone! I forgot that today is already the first day of October. Time passes by so quickly! I can't wait to see home again. I am also happy that my sister send me new photos from home. I always miss this scenery near the water. The coconut trees are getting higher now. It is around three years ago that I had last seen these trees. Now they are growing good.

I also would like to take a moment to offer a prayer to the victims of flood in the Philippines, the victims of tsunami in Samoa and to the earthquake victims in Indonesia.

I am counting my days to see home again! Home Sweet Home! I also wish everyone a great start of the month of October. God bless us all!
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Viola said...

I've heard about the bad things happening there, I'm so sorry! Many are suffering.. I hope your family are not involved!? You have a very beautiful country! Sure you got to miss your family and the homeplace! I wish you a happy Friday! :)

RennyBA said...

Looks so exotic to a Norwegian - thanks for sharing!

RennyBA's Terella

JO said...

yes, i miss the coconut tree scenery... we all have pine trees here.