TF- Aster Has A Visitor

Good morning! I'm still catching for my TF entry. This was taken in a neighbor's garden where we happened to pass-by this afternoon. It seems that my hand shaked as I took this photo. I still find it beautiful because flowers are always so!


Click the logo...feel free to join and see the beauty of flowers from all over the world. Special appreciation to Luiz and the TF team for this very wonderful meme. Happy TF day!


Anonymous said...

Your flowers are very pretty. And I would be very happy to have you participate in Think(ing) Green Thursday... Michelle

Viola said...

Sometimes we cannot get all photos sharp, so with me :) But anyhow, the photo is pretty. With a bumblebee! :)

Grace Olsson said...

Ruby, dear,

Sometimes, u dont need to take an excellent shot for to show a reality...

congrats for the macro shot and thanks for to visit me and comment.