Nice Umbrellas in Disneyland, California

I guess I need umbrellas like these in our garden. wink! There are very nice ones with those cool designs and attractive colors. I took this photo during our visit to Disneyland, California last year! I am just sharing this photo. Hope you had a great day today!

I am quite tired after working in our garden the whole afternoon. I took the chance to plant the tulip bulbs for next year because the weather today was very friendly. It was not so cold.
Feel free to visit Ruby Tuesday and Wordless Wednesday to see more photos! Happy RT and WW Day!


Ayie said...

those are colorful and cute gigantic umbrellas!

happy WW!

Anonymous said...

Ruby those are some seriously red umbrellas, but I think they would miss them if you put them in your garden :-)

JO said...

that is so cool!


Viola said...

Nice and colorful, just like the Autumn! I hope you'll have wonderful tulips coming up next summer! Have a nice Wednesday and Autumnday! :)