Interesting News at PopSci

Weekend is almost here. I guess we will not be going out this weekend because there are just a lot of things to do in the house including general cleaning. I read an interesting news tonight at popsci. Sometimes I am thinking of the family tree of my family. I mean, I am just curious about my great great grandparents.

I read a news at popsci that is offering an affordable public DNA service. I am quite interested about it and might do it in the future. For the cost of $250.00, you can already have a full DNA analysis. So far, I find it the cheapest compared to other companies who offer the same services. Since Pathway have their own State and  Federally certified laboratory, you can ensure of the privacy and accuracy of the results.  
Order here if you are interested. It also makes me very curious after reading at popsci that you can even trace your lineage back for 10,00 years. We already know the importance of knowing our DNA including our health aspects. If you want to try, it's very easy to do it. Just put your saliva in a test tube and mail it in their lab. For more information feel free to visit

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