I Simply Love to Cook!

I am thankful that we are having a sunny weather today. I want to clean up a bit in our garden but I just need to finish some things inside the house. I just finish cooking my favorite German food called Schweinebraten or Roasted or baked pork meat with some sort of sauce in it. The one that I had in the picture here was the one I cooked last Sunday. It was the first time that I cooked this food and HB said that it tasted good. This is like a Wikingertopf mit Hackbällchen, known in English as Viking Pot with meatballs. We ate it with french fries and it seems that they are such a perfect combination. I am not an expert cook but I guess I know how to cook and sometimes I do experiments with it.

Don't you know that I am also a tea lover. Every after meal, I always drink green tea with some flavors in it. I usually drink two to three cups a day especially during winter time. I would love to have some art of tea coupons to save some bucks when buying it. Perfect timing because I found all kinds of food and drinks coupons online. I believed everybody wants to save every single penny when we go for shopping. With the economic crisis that is experiencing by millions of people right now, everyone just want to save money. Right guys? So why not use coupons when shopping? Have a great day to all!