Getting Red for Christmas

Hello everyone! I know it is too early to talk about Christmas but it is coming soon. I already see a lot of Christmas decors as I went grocery shopping yesterday. Sorry for my picture here, it is not so good but at least you have seen red which is the main thing. right guys!

I am just sad today after reading in the newspaper of Grandpa's death. It is not really my Grandpa but that's how I called him. It is my friend's father in law. I will be going there tomorrow to attend the burial ceremony. I suggest we just need to live life to the fullest despite of all trials, problems and predicaments. Life is still worth fulfilling and enjoying! cheers!

Feel free to visit this beautiful meme to see red of all kinds! Thanks to Mary for hosting this terrific meme! Happy RT day!


Amanda Moore said...

Boy Ruby Christmas Reds before the Halloween Oranges are gone, great shot!

Auntie E said...

Oh those Christmas reds are about to enter the rubies...Happy RT

Glennis said...

OH OH Christmas is getting close!