Finally Done with my Balikbayan Boxes

Good evening guys! I am back here after watching a bit a TV program about people who left Germany. It was very interesting hearing lives and stories of these people who are now in other countries. Some are successful and some are not. I am just happy today because the mess in our living room was cleared. I am finally done packing my balikbayan boxes yesterday. Today it was already picked-up. I ended having 5 huge boxes of different goods from canned foods to shampoo, clothing, shoes, perfumes, bar soaps, chocolates, watches, cellphones and some electronics like DVD player, MP3 player and a lot more for sending home.
Last night, I was also shopping online for a handy digital camera. My other sister would like to have a new one. There is one German shopping site where I used to order electronics and gadget before. But now I will never order from them anymore due to some bad experiences that I had especially about customer service.

I just found out tonight that ShopWiki is already in UK. It seems to be a good site to shop because they offer thousands of list of stores online. I would like to surf tomorrow for Xbox 360 as Christmas present for my nephew. What I like most about ShopWiki are the buying guides they offer to customers. I just find it very important especially for shopper like me who don't know that much about electronics and gaming. I guess shopping is more fun and easier as before! See that photos here? These are only some of the items I had inside my balikbayan boxes. I believed the recipients will be very happy recieving some presents for Christmas!

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