Where are my Photos?

I am not feeling good today. I am also upset. The photos I took this week are nowhere to be found. Yesterday as I went shopping with a friend, we happened to go to the Garden center. I took a lot of photos from the different plants and flowers. Today I also went grocery shopping I happened to pass-by a flower field of sunflowers and gladiolas. I also took a lot of photos from our garden especially the new flowers that I bought yesterday. As I was downloading the photos tonight, the computer always says, "The media is not found". Imagine I took around 700 photos but can't download it. I can see the images when I look at it in the camera. I only have problems when downloading it. This is the first time that it happened. I felt like crying because there are still other photos aside from the flowers that I took. I will see tomorrow if I can download it in my other computer. I hope it works or else I will really be very sad. wish me luck!

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Ayie said...

don't fret about it...there's nothing you can do anymore that will just give you more wrinkles =P