Staying Warm During Winter Through Sandri

Another season of the year is almost coming! The beginning of Ber months is finally here which means that the cold winter season is almost here. You need to get ready for your heaters to warm you during winter through the help of Sandri. Yesterday, we received the electric reading card for us to fill-up how many kilowatts we consume in a year. We are using an electric heater in our house and this is really expensive. We have another alternative for heating, our fireplace. Sometimes there are disadvantages of using it. It makes the house very dusty. Just last night, me and hubby were discussing of using oil heater in our house. Our neighbor use the same and she said it bring good warm. We will see what we can do to minimize heating and power expenses.

I just found that there are companies that deliver heating oil direct to your house. One of them is Sandri Sunoco company. They are a distributor of Sunoco branded gasoline, heating oil and other petroleum products. I also found out that they have a 24 hour emergency service and delivery. I never heard like that in our place. Aside from their quality products, they are also known for their excellent service like the one I just mentioned. People in Greenfield, Massachusetts are lucky to have a company like this! if you are in need of their products and services, feel free to contact them! See you later guys!

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~Chris said...

Great post. Heating is always interesting. In upstate NY, you try to have at least two sources of heat. We have a wood stove and natural gas. Electric is a third option but is very expensive so we avoid it. Some here use kerosene, or coal and solar. Geo-thermal is also used. Ground water is always 50 degrees F, even in the dead of winter so heat pumps grab that heat from the water and concentrate it. The best heat though, comes from love, especially the love of the Lord. It never fails. Thanks again for your post.