St. Lorenz Cathedral in Nuremberg, Germany

I'm back and kicking again! I smiled as I read a comment from a blogger friend that even though I had a migraine yesterday, I was still able to post an entry here. That was a very bad migraine yesterday. I was able to post one because as I felt better, I need to go online shortly to check an important mail and also ended posting here. I am very happy that I am feeling very well now. Thanks goodness!

Below was a photo taken in Nuremberg, a city in Bavaria, Germany. You can also see in the background the historical St. Lorenz Cathedral. I already visited this city for a couple of times. When I really feel bored I go alone here sometimes with the train for sightseeing and shopping. Hopefully on Wednesday, I am going there with a friend. It's shopping time again!

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dodong flores 도동 플로오리스 said...

That a very nice photo of a very good place. Glad to know that you're okay by now...