I Went Shopping in England

I guess it is enough for horror and terrible stories about the 9/11. Let's have fun and go shopping online! I did went shopping in England during my three weeks vacation there last year. I thought shopping there is expensive but I bought a lot of stuffs that are very affordable. The problem is, some of the items that I shopped was left in Birmingham due to my overweight baggage. I guess now, I don't have a problem anymore because online shopping is already possible. Shopping has never been difficult since the invention of computers. You can go online shopping at the comfort of your home. I don't know when I can go back again to England but I don't have to worry because I can shop online too!

I am quite not satisfied with online shopping in two German websites. I also tried online shopping from UK websites and the customer service was good compared to these two German sites. I hope I have the time to share about my shopping experiences with these sites. By surfing today, I found a Nike promotional code at I believed everybody want to save money when shopping. Using promotional codes and vouchers is one way of doing it. This is the kind of services that is offering to shoppers. They give all these vouchers and promo codes provided by top UK online retailers and service providers. This is a very interesting site helping shoppers to save money. If you want to save money while shopping, feel free to visit this site. How would you love to save some bucks when shopping Nike products? Yes I would!


liza said...

I love too online shopping and always use coupons to save money on shopping. try here for coupons

dodong flores 도동 플로오리스 said...

I also love online shopping. It's so convenient. But that's my last resort when I can't source out the product locally. Since I'm based here in the Philippines, mas napamahal ako sa shipment :(

Off-topic: Yes, I'm from Matalam. Glad to know you had visited the place. Most of the people there are Ilonggo and my wife is one.
Thanx for dropping by my site...