I Love Cucina Products

How was your day today? I am quite very busy for the past days because as what I had mentioned yesterday I still continue packing my Balikbayan boxes. I just want to let you know that I always love Cucina products. If I am not mistaken Cucina is either a Spanish or Italian word which means kitchen in English. In our language we call it Kusina. It is quite interesting but I do always love our kitchen. I am even wishing of having a bigger kitchen because I love cooking. Tonight, I will be speaking of another Cucina here. While browsing the net, I also found out that this word came from Spanish and Italian. I also landed at Rain Collection as I browsed about Cucina.

What is very interesting about Rain Collection is their products. I thought Cucina is only for kitchen but now I found another Cucina which I will also love. Imagine a coriander and olive tree combined together to form a hand cream. I also found out that this kind of cream heals minor cuts and burns. I also discovered a Cucina Fragrant Kitchen Spray. It won't only make your kitchen smell good but you can also use it as decoration. They also have other products for home and personal use. This site will be added to my bookmarks. What I love most are their kitchen products. I'll be backed soon! My computer is processing very slow again. Don't forget to visit Rain Collection and take a look at their products.


storyteller said...

Beautiful riverboat to cruise this lovely river ;--)
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Jim said...

Good one.
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