Gathering More Stuffs for My Balikbayan Boxes

Good evening to all! I am back here again to give you more updates! I just finished watching a very interesting TV program for around two hours. I just can't stop watching it because it was already on its peak. Do you have any idea what movie was that? It was a love story that also provide some moral lesson. I'm not really a fan of love story movies but it was very exciting. It is also very ironic because I even don't know its title. At least the over all story was worth seeing.

Back to my topic about my balikbayan boxes. Some of you might not have an idea about this kind of box. Just allow me to give a little explanation about it. It is a kind of box where we Filipinos abroad send to our family back home especially during Christmas time. It usually contains goods of any kinds, electronic gadgets, clothing, etcetera for give-aways to our family, friends and relatives as Christmas presents. I should start packing my boxes this week but until now I can't still find time to do it. I also want to go grocery shopping tomorrow for more stuffs like bulk candy, chocolates, bar soaps and a lot more.

Sometimes I also go online shopping to look for anything that are cheap to be put inside the balikbayan box. I found last time cheap clothes and dresses online. I am also thinking of putting more chocolates and candies for the children. For sure they love it! I am even planning to have a Children's Christmas Party once I go home this Christmas. Tonight while surfing, I found Sugar Stand who sells bulk of candies and chocolates of any kinds. I also found out that they carry a lot of candy and chocolate brands. This is the first time that I visited a site that sells almost all kinds of candies. I guess I will have fun shopping candies online for my balikbayan boxes! Have a great evening guys! Want to be sweet? start eating sweet candy now! wink!


Joy0z said...

Ako gani pud mao pa pagpick-up sa balikbayan box...dugay pa to abot. Salamat sa visit Rubs...ok ra ko..ikaw?

happii said...

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