Another Interesting Site Is Here!

How many blogsites are in the blogosphere right now? I read the past months in a blog that there are around 70 millions blogs in the world wide web. I believed that it is increasing every day. I would say maybe this time, there are around 80 to 100 million blogs. That would be billions of post and ideas in the world wide web! I just have one question how many of these sites are sharing interesting and informative articles. I hope I do! If not please forgive me because I am not a writer neither an editor. I just love to share things.

Just now I found another interesting site authored by Doug Kaplan. I read his profile and found out that we almost have the same interest travel, politics, seeing new places and probably sharing ideas to the world. I also found a lot of interesting posts in his site. I even found it helpful for me. I also checked his other sites and profile in, and You might need his help and expertise. Visit his site too! Thanks for sharing your ideas Doug! great job!

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