Always Have a Camera in My Bag

I was shocked while I was reading the daily newspaper that is delivered to us this morning. I always read the newspaper when I have time during my tea ceremony. A businessman was killed yesterday after an attack by four young men in Munich's train station. Mr. Brunner, the owner of the Erlus AG, a company in the state of Bavaria, Germany was found to be attacked at Solln, a train station in Munich. The young men who seized Mr. Brunner wanted some money from him. The victim was brought to the hospital but was dead after some hours of the assault. It is said that the young men hit Mr. Brunner more than twenty times that caused his death. The young men was caught through the Hidden Camera that are installed in the train station.

Happenings like this can be very sad and tragic especially to the family's victims. We are thankful sometimes that with the help of the modern technology like camera and videos, the attackers, robbers or murderers are being caught. That is also the reason why I always bring with my my camera and cellphone with cam. I also found out today that a hidden camera can also be in a form of a pen, watch, radio, mailbox, speaker and a lot more. If I have extra money I would love to own a covert micro camcorder for security reason especially if I travel alone. I saw one at Brick House Security. We don't know what happened in the future and I believed that it is better to be always ready in times of emergency. Agree with me guys!


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

It worries me but things like this have been going on for centuries. You wonder why they cannot seem to grasp that pushing yourself beyond endurance, and then again and again..harder each time, is ever going to get you what you want in life if you start with nothing. Right choices..not wrong as in this case. Now they have less then they had before you attacked this man and killed him. You have to ask yourself "why" some just don't get it! But they don't and many won't ever.
I agree with you! Totally! Better to be prepared and safe than sorry!
Take good care!
And... :) before I forget, thank you for chosing to follow my very trite blog. It always amazes me when bright intelligent young women like yourself see ANYTHING worth while in my blog. I pulled much of my writing as ONE person attacked me and called me a liar when I wrote about my early life with my first husband of 43 years. :) I should not have cared, but after that I backed away from anything too personal.

Viola said...

Sad to hear. I hate violence and who doesn't.. No respect for life anymore.. I wish we could have more respect for each other. It seems like we need more cameras holding its eyes on us. Taking care of us. Well, it did not hlp the man who had to die. But at last the murderers were caught!