TF- Orchid Flowers

How's your weekend peeps? I hope that everything just went out great! I am happy and thankful that I had again a very nice weekend. I'm ready to share my TF entry for today. This was taken as we visited a hardware store in Burglengenfeld last Friday. They have a garden center inside too and here are go again taking pictures of different flowers. That is the reason why I have here now an orchid flower. I know that that this is an orchid but I don't know exactly the name or what kind it is. Enjoy the rest of the weekend guys. I wish to give you more updates tomorrow regarding our weekend escapade today. Feel free to visit my other sites for more updates! have a great week ahead!

Click the logo...feel free to join and see the beauty of flowers from all over the world. Special appreciation to Luiz and company for this very wonderful meme.


Pat - Arkansas said...

Very lovely orchid! You had a nice discovery when you entered the hardware store! Thanks for sharing your photo.

Regina said...

This is nice and pretty!

DeniseinVA said...

A beautiful orchid, thank you for sharing.