Still Looking for Web Site Hosting

I was amazed as I visited one blog some months ago and he posted that there are around 70 million blogsites in the world wide web nowadays. This is totally interesting. Each blogger writer has its own idea on every topic that he or she write. I can't imagine how many blogs are hosted on its own domain name and how many are using a free platform. You might be interested for a web site hosting? If you don't know where to go, you better read this post.

I know some blogger friends who are still using free platforms to host their blogs like blogger, wordpress, bravenet, etc. I know a lot who want to have their own domain and still looking for it until now. I guess some don't have the idea where to find the best web hosting site. I would say that you visit Web Hosting Geeks to find the list of the Top Ten web hosting sites. You can also find in this site a lot of information and instructions regarding web site hosting. Finding a trustful and reputable web hosting site needs to be considered. Feel free to visit Web Hosting Geeks to find the list of the best web hosting site. Have fun blogging!

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Unknown said...

I agree that finding a god web host is a cumbersome task and it needs a lot of effort from the user end.

However, I have been able to find out some good web hosts operating presently in the market in my web hunt. Some of them are LimeDomains, GoDaddy, HostGator etc.

Viola said...

Lovely photo! :) The tower bridge and London I've been to myself. You're quite a traveller! :)