MYM: Tillyfest in Breitenbrunn, Germany

Good afternoon Europe! Good evening Philippines! In some countries might already be the first day of September! I can't imagine that the Ber months are coming soon. I am thankful that I am always has some great times for the past months. There might be ups and downs but in general everything turned out to be very good!

For my MYM entry, here is a photo taken during a certain festival called Tillyfest held every September in Breitenbrunn, a small town near our place and is located in Bavaria, Germany. I am waiting to see it again next month. I hope you see the little yellows I have here. Have a great day to all!

Click the logo to visit the blog. Feel free to join this wonderful meme especially if you love yellow. Thanks to the Author Drowsey Monkey for hosting this beautiful meme. Happy Mellow Yellow Monday!


Mary Bergfeld said...

I loved your photo and was able to finr the yellow embroidery on the gown and banner. The festival sounds like wonderful fun. I hope your day is filled with sunshine.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

By her smile you know
the tympanist is happy
while making music.

My Mellow Yellow

MYM said...

That's very interesting :) Great photo!