I'm going to Running Y Ranch!

I guess it is time to say good morning since it is past midnight now. Did you just read my title? Of course, I wish to visit this place and want to stay at klamath falls lodging but sad to say this time is not possible. I am also happy to say that I already booked my ticket last Monday for a three months vacation back home. I am quite optimistic about this very long vacation. At last I will see once again my family, relatives, friends and neighbors. For sure, a lot of escapades and adventure will be experience soon.

I should be signing-off now but I happened to visit Running Y Ranch, a resort located in Southern Oregon. I did not visited this state of America during my two months vacation last year. The resort offers conveniences and luxuries that will truly make your vacation an unforgettable and fantastic one. As far I remember, this is the first hotel that I came across in the net that offers a 24-hour service which is quite interesting. I also see some photos of this hotel and what caught my attention is the breathtaking scenery of nature around. I always love nature and places like this to spend a vacation can be a very relaxing and wonderful one. How I wish to visit this place and spend some great moments there!

I am sharing the breathtaking view of Lake Mead in Las Vegas. This was taken during my vacation last year in the US.

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Viola said...

Absolutely fantastic scenery! I'm sure you enjoyed to visit that place. It would be grat to stay in a tent for a couple of days by that lovely water.. :)