I Wish To Stay at Rouge Regency Inn

We just noticed that there were no lights in our neighbor's house for the past days. We presumed that they were on vacation since it is also summer break and the perfect time to go for holiday. I believed that everyone wants to spend a great vacation in a nice place to stay like Medford motels. The first thing we need to consider when going for a holiday is our budget. From there on we start to find a motel or hotel that offers the cheapest price with all the included amenities plus the excellent customer service.

If ever I have the chance to visit Oregon in the future, I wish to stay at Rogue Regency Inn and Suites. Do you know the reasons why? I found out that they offer affordable prices for their guest and customers. I am also impress by their rooms which include a lot of amenities. As a guest, I already know what I want and what I need. I simply found everything at Rogue Regency Inn & Suites. Imagine for a Two Queen Mini Suite that only cost $87.00! That is very cheap! I can't compare it in London where we paid for a very small room with two small beds and cost 70.00 sterling pounds. That was very expensive but there is no time to find a cheaper one.

What I also love as I visited their site are the lovely furnishing in their hotel rooms. I hope I can visit this place in the future and stay in this motel. I really expect that this motel is so expensive but now that I knew about it, I might recommend it to my sister in Vegas if they plant to visit Oregon!

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