I Love My Tea Ceremony in the Morning!

I am quite sleepy now after a day full of fun and activities. A friend dropped by and picked me up and we went-out for some shopping. My shopping bag was so full of stuffs that I am gathering for give-aways when I go home for vacation. Before my friend picked me up, I had a tea ceremony while listening to the radio and reading the newspaper at the same time. I love teas and I feel that my day is not complete if I can't drink a cup or two in a day. I especially love to drink any brands of green and black teas.

I love to drink it because of the benefits that it gives to our body. It is also known as one of the best anti-oxidants. I remember that my friend's Aunt asked me if I have problem with bowel movement. I told her that I am thankful because I don't have problem with it since I drink green tea everyday. Teas are also known to be one of the best cancer fighters that we can put to our body. Other benefits that I know about tea includes anti-aging (probably the reason why I look younger at my age..wink!), bone strengthening, lower cholesterol level and a lot more.

I am also thinking of Christmas gift baskets of teas as present for my father. He also loves to drink tea everyday. I am also thankful that at my father's age of 74, he is still strong and healthy. I just found an English Tea Store where I can shop for any kind and brand of teas. I guess I also love their tea pots. I would like to add more tea sets to my collections. I wish I can share photos of my tea collections. Just a reminder, don't forget the Christmas cakes this coming holiday. Last but not the least, don't forget to visit English Tea Store for all your tea needs including its accessories! Stay always healthy and happy by drinking tea! I always do the same by having a tea ceremony in the morning!

photo courtesy of englishteastore.com

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