Euroangel Graffiti's Beautiful New Look

Good afternoon folks! Did you notice the new simple but elegant and beautiful new look of this blog? I should be writing this appreciation post since last week but I am just caught in so many things both online and offline. My apology to my dear friend Carlota for posting this late. I know that saying the word of "Thanks" a million times is not enough for helping me to make my blogging experience more wonderful. I truly appreciate all your help especially in creating fantastic lay-outs to some of my blogs and making them more appealing and beautiful! Thanks a lot for everything!

For those who wanted customize and professional lay-outs for their blogsites, please visit Miss Carlota's My Once again, thanks a lot my friend. I truly appreciate everything!

this is my new simple but beautiful lay-out! I love it!
In memory of my previous but beautiful lay-out also made by Carlota...I know I will be using this in the future again!

1 comment:

Raquel said...

Nice sis, it's neat and clean.

Keep up the work for Carlota. Job well done my friend.