Wordless Wednesday: Warwick Castle in England

I got here a picture of the Warwick Castle in England taken during my vacation last year. Sharing this photo for today's Wordless Wednesday! have a great day to all!

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bluedreamer27 said...

wow mala harry potter ang ambiance

by the way blog idol round 4 just got started
you may want to cast your vote in my blog and choose for the best Love song of the week
have a great day and happy blogging

Drahdrah said...

Pretty impressive. Great pic ! Happy WW !

ProdigalWife said...

Haven't been to that one, looks wonderful. Was it raining when you were there? All looks freshly cleansed.

Susan Demeter said...

I would love to visit this castle one day :) Thank you for stopping by my blog, and your kind words :) They are appreciated.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful place I would love to see this some day!

mine is here

Lori said...

Wow, Id love to see that in person!! Happy WW and thanks for stopping by:)