Wanted Globetrotters Worldwide

Do you love to travel and share you travel experiences and photos? Do you love adventures in any parts of the globe and let the people know about it? I guess I would also love this site! Some of my friends both online and offline calls me a globetrotter sometime. It's because I always share my travel photos and adventures in my blogs and other social media sites. How I wish I can travel the whole world! It's been my dream to travel and see different places around the globe. I am just thankful that I have the chance to always see places from time to time. I am very much interested about Europe and most of all about Germany.

I found this German country page at dodo.com. The site is really very interesting because each member especially the globetrotters are sharing their experiences as they travel. You can also have a virtual travel of the different cities and countries in the world because most members shared their memories through photos. I also find the advantage of joining this site in the future because you will not only share your travel experience but will also get something relevant like travel tips and guides. Isn't it awesome! I'm joining soon Dodo! How I wish to win their trip around the world promo! Wish me luck!
my globetrotting photo in Disneyland, California last year! I love this place!


The Guy's Perspective said...

Great Photos! Fun site.

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Viola said...

It looks very nice by the water and the fun fairs! Yes, I love to travel, but now it has been several years since I was abroad.. But I haven't seen all of my own country yet, something I wish to do.. I hope you'll win the trip around the World! I wish you the best luck!! :)