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Sometimes I wonder if I can shift my career to Medical field. This has been the topic which I am discussing to my hubby for some days now because I have a plan to probably go back to school next year. I might need some help to obtain a good medical software if ever I will pursue the study. My two sisters are already Registered Nurse in the Philippines. The other one is already working as Nurse in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our youngest sister who just passed the board exam is also waiting for the papers to take the NCLEX board exam. This is also another reason why I planned to shift career from financial to medical field.

Just a while ago, I was browsing I am very much interested on reading medicine journals or magazine that relates to health. Every time I go to the drug store, they always give us some sort of medical journals. I am sure if I can subscribe from Medicalmags some medical ebooks for free. I want to find it out later. I also read that this site provides all sort of medical services like medical publications, supplies and software. I guess, this is a great site for clinic and hospital owners especially if they are looking for such services. I just found in their catalog that they offer medical software like billing and coding, credentialing software and some other more. If you are engage in the medical field and you need their services, they will be happy to be of service to you. Feel free to visit their sites for their products and services!

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