Gathering Presents for Christmas

Hi everyone! I hope that you are having a great day out there! I had a very good one after spending it with friends today. We went out for swimming and it was fantastic. I can't wait to go home this year to also enjoy swimming at the beach near our place. I just miss my family and friends out there. I am also hoping to see my nieces and nephews who are so lovely and sweet. I miss the time that I spend with them almost three years ago. Just now I am already gathering presents for them because I will also spend Christmas and New Year in my home country.

Just today, I shopped again some items which I will put in my so-called "Balikbayan box". That's the way how we send huge boxes of presents to the Philippines especially during Christmas time. I also plan to shop online for Arts and Crafts. I have nieces and nephews that love these stuffs. I just visited Megabrands and also found a lot of interesting and cheap gift items. I also see mega puzzles that are very cool and the prices are very reasonable. They also have a lot of items choose from. I know for sure that my nieces and nephews will those Disney, Mickey Mouse, Dora and Spiderman puzzles. I believed these puzzles are good for the kids to play with because it will help develop their cognitive ability. I found another cool site for kids shopping. Just letting you know that until now, I am still gathering presents for Christmas. I can't wait to be home again! courtesy of Megabrands

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