TF#39- Phalaenopsis Orchids

I guess it's never too late to post this TF#39. This is a Phalaenopsis Orchid. I got one at home but the flowers were gone now. I took this picture as I visited one of the garden center near our place. here is a bit info about this very beautiful flower.

"Phalaenopsis is a genus of approximately 60 species of orchids (family Orchidaceae). The abbreviation in the horticultural trade is Phal. Phalaenopsis is one of the most popular orchids in the trade, through the development of many artificial hybrids." source : wikipedia
copyright photo by the Author of this blog


bluedreamer27 said...

hello there just adding this blog to my blog roll

Luiz Santilli Jr said...

Marvelous this orchi!

Thanks for sharing and for posting for TODAY´S FLOWERS!
Hope to see you every week!


Euroangel said...

Hi BLue ..thanks will add you soon...

Hi Luis..of course I will my best to post TF every week...thanks...

tc guys!!