First Aid Kits

I already mentioned last time that my husband had a sport injury in 2007. While biking, he had an accident because a boy suddenly came into his way and they plunged together that caused a broken ankle for my husband. We are just thankful that my husband has an accident insurance. The liability insurance of the boy will also pay my husband which we are still waiting until now.

 In times of emergency and situation like this, we always need to have First Aid Kits in our home. I already bought some first aid kits since my husband's accident. I just want to make it sure that we have something to use when slight accidents and injuries happened. My husband even call me a little doctor because I have all the first aid kits everytime he ask for it. I also remember Ros, my friend in England when she saw my first aid kits when I travel. She was amazed about it. If you are looking for one, visit You can also ask for professional advice from their experts! Just a friendly reminder...Always stay away from accident and injuries when you can!

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bluedreamer27 said...

that is very uch important
evry one must give prior to safetiness