Job Opportunity is Knocking at My Door

Life has been so busy! How much more when I go to work already. This week I received a job offer from Birmingham, England. The open position is for Shop Manager with a gross salary of 28,000 UK pounds per year. I was converting it to Euro last time and its equivalent is around 32,000.00 Euros. If I have to live in Birmingham and will pay for my apartment and other expenses, I believed it is not really worthy to grab it. I have been in England and the cost of living there is also expensive. I will be away from home again and I don't really want it. I have a good life now and earning some money at home. Money is not really everything. Sometimes we have to consider more other important things like family. Honestly I am still thinking whether to pursue with the application or not. I will see guys. I better go to Circuit City for some window shopping! Enjoy your weekend!

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Imee Rocks said...

Aww that's a great offer! But you're right--the cost of living in England is pretty expensive, so you're probably better off with your home business or whatever you're up to. Good luck with everything!