I'm Looking for A Great Web Hosting Site

I am finally back here! I was not able to update all my blogs yesterday because we had a festival in our place. Today is the last day of the German American Festival. We also went there this afternoon until evening. Of course I did a lot of pictures again. I still did not upload my other camera but I will still share some photos here from my Sony cybershot. I should go to sleep now but I was still trying to find a web hosting site. You know why? Blogging is getting more fun and exciting now and I want to create new sites again. I know guys, I already have tons of blogs but I still want to create some more for photography and personal ones.

Anyone out there who can tell me who is really the greatest web hosting site on the net? Or probably a web hosting site that offers the best dedicated server on the web? I know that there are a lot of web hosting sites that are proliferating in the internet but my question is? Who is the best among the rest? I guess all people are busy now. I need to be diligent in finding the right one. You might notice that it took me already almost two hours to write this post because I am presently shopping at Web Hosting Geeks for the best web hosting site. I already choose one of their top 10 web host provider but I got another problem. The domain names I wanted are not available anymore. I just can't think of another domain names right now so I guess I have to think overnight about it.

This is also the first time that I heard about green hosting. As I searched further on Web Hosting Geeks, I found out that there are also these so-called Top Eco-friendly Web hosts. I already heard about Green Earth programs but about Green Host, it's really the first time I knew it. At least not only about web hosting that people are interested now but also of saving our planet earth. I won't make this post too long my friends. What I can say more is that; if you are searching for a new web hosting service, why not try to find it at Web Hosting Geeks! You might want to have a green hosting too! Let's help save the earth!

Before I forgot, watch out next time the coming of my new sites! Have a great week ahead especially to all my good friends out there!

p.s. these are the pictures taken at German American Festival in our place.


Unknown said...

Kuyawa sige lang travel. Akong pasalubong bi.

Joke lang gud.

Pwede ko makilink exchange nimo

Euroangel said...

thanks for the visit jobette..will visit you soon!!