Good and Bad Experiences About Shopping Online

I have been shopping online for some years now. One advantage I found is that you save time, money and effort when shopping online. This is especially true if you found some good deals shopping online. I also found out that some shops online offer very bad customer service. It only did not happen once but twice and thrice and more! I was really disappointed yesterday as I received a bill and the product that I ordered is still not delivered. The bad thing is that, it was ordered very long time ago in February 2009. They promised to deliver the item on or before May 15, 2009 but until now, it was still not delivered. I guess that product was made in planet Mars or Jupiter! I was really very mad and frustrated yesterday with this online shop. Imagine getting a bill without any product! Such a very bad shopping experience! I will mention the name of this company in my other site and the full story of it.

Anyway, enough with the ranting! I know there are still a lot of online shops that I experienced very good and fast services. I even enjoyed shopping online with them because they deliver the product very fast. One instance was last Sunday when I ordered a notebook and some. The accessories were already delivered yesterday. I am still waiting for the notebook because delivery is at least one week. I will let you know once I receive it.

For those who love to shop online for clothes, home and garden, automotive, health and beauty, electronics and gadgets, computers, games and anything that you need, why not try Shopwiki! I need to find a cheap Xbox 360 for our youngest brother. He is asking for it for almost three years now! wait until I go home for vacation Bro! Happy shopping to everyone!

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