Yellow Tulips in Our Garden

I received a comment from Rosamaria, a blogger why I only posted one flowers yesterday from Today's Flower meme when I took around five hundred photos in our garden. Thanks for the comment Rosamaria...nice name, combination of my name and my mother. I appreciate it. Actually I took a lot of photos in different times of the day and in different angles and position of the flowers in our garden. Like for example in these yellow tulips here. I have all angles of pictures from north, east, west and south, up and down side, etc. ..sometimes I only took one closer picture of one tulip flower and in different angles and times of the day. You know why? I just want to try the saying below which I read in a book.

"Tourists rarely takes great photographs. They seldom make the effort to be at the right spot at the right time to get the right angle of light in the right weather conditions. To capture beautiful outdoor pictures, professional photographers are careful to view the scene from different angles, during different seasons and at different times of the day."

I am not a professional photographer, maybe a novice and I simply enjoy clicking my camera on anything that it catches. I guess I am only like a tourist but not a professional photographer. That's why here is another tulip picture for you! have a great evening!
copyright photo I took in our garden last April 14, 2009

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